Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Dad's Toys

My dad has been getting more into Lego recently since playing with all of our sets. Here's some stuff he's been building and showing us. Some of it is SO old, but still pretty cool I guess.
His Millenium Falcon.
He changed around the inside because he said it needed more detail.
He rebuilt one of his old space sets - LL928.
And these are a bunch of his old instruction books from back when he was a little kid.

Christmas Legos!

This Christmas we got a ton of Lego. Cob and I spent hours putting our stuff together. Even dad got a set!
My awesome droid transport. It's now in pieces to help build newer things.
Cob running our train set. We just got some extra track which should help us make larger set ups.
Cob working on his Chima set.
Separating out some random dudes.

Thursday, October 8, 2015


My dad loves tanks so he ordered a non-lego building brick tank. I don't know how I feel about him getting a non Lego set but I understand. We wish lego made some historical vehicles like tanks and planes but since they don't getting a Cobi set seems ok. But dad didn't think it was cool that we had to push it around. It should have a motor to drive around with. So we added one and made it IR controlled!

The mess afterwards. Cob and I will have to get to this soon.

More Lego Happenings

Mom working on her own set. A cool beach house and surf shop. I think it's cool that my parents like playing with Lego.

Jabba's barge! We now have a ton of Star Wars sets. I should get a picture of them all.

The Cob's collection of super warriors from around the galaxy!

And this is my Lego version of the video game my dad is working on.

Ode to Monument Valley

I LOVE Monument Valley. The game is beautiful and the puzzles are tough but fun and rewarding.

So I made a little dude out of Lego like the one in the game. He come apart.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Some Christmas Legos

We got some great sets for christmas especially the arctic patrol set. Lots of orange blocks.

Cob's Crazy attack guys!

My brother the Cob has been making these crazy cars with wild lego guys riding on them. Here are some of his favorites.